Juce_FlexBox.h BUG

Hi everyone, sorry if my English is not the best but I’m Italian.

I ran into a problem while programming an audio compressor.

Suddenly when I was testing the compressor I get this error present in juce_FlexBox.h where “namespace juce” is an expected unqualified-id.
The problem is that I get this error even with old compressors that I had programmed a short time ago and they were perfectly working.

I just can’t understand why there are no errors.

Do you know a solution?

Thanks so much

I think you might have accidentally modified one of the JUCE source files, which is why all of your projects are broken in the same way.

If you used git to download and install JUCE, see whether there are any unexpected changes in the repository. You can use git reset --hard @{u} (in the JUCE repo! Be careful to run this in the right location!) to reset the working tree to the state of the remote branch and discard any local changes.

If you downloaded JUCE as a .zip, then you could download a newer copy of the zip and replace the version of JUCE that you currently have installed.