JUCE for graphics applications


I have a freeware graphics app. developed in Embarcadero C++. Currently I’m rewriting my drawing engine and in the same time searching for suitable C++ environment/IDE/compiler replacement (let’s say CodeBlocks with MinGw or Clang). While searching for appropriate Widgets/GUI framework I stumbled across JUCE and it’s beautiful widgets.

As I can see, it’s mostly audio-app. oriented, so my question is:

Is JUCE suitable as a framework for graphics app, especially for raster image manipulation and image processing?

I wrote a DLL version of drawing engine (for Delphi/C++ developers). Distributable package includes a simple executable, so it’s easy to see what I’m talking about:


What I need mostly is some kind of canvas “container” with layers and possibility of layers blending with various blending modes.

With best regards,
Siniša Petrić