JUCE Forum Avatars for you!


Have you noticed people updating their JUCE forum avatars? Are you having some avatar-envy? Don’t know what to do to get a good looking forum avatar? Have you been on the forum for a while, without an avatar?

Worry no more!!

Presenting, a superior collection of JUCE forum avatars!
All avatars are 100x100 and under 8 kilobytes, ready to use!
There are sixteen images to choose from:


Get your new avatar today! [attachment=1]ForumAvatars.zip[/attachment]


Aw Vinnie, none of them look like me! You need one with a beard :smiley:


Well i updated mine to also be on it, that’s me through an x-ray machine.


Something like that?


I knew these would come in handy!


Something like that?[/quote]