JUCE forum hijacking all search shortcuts (CTRL + F and /)

I think it’s a new anti-feature of the JUCE forum, that all browser shortcuts for “search in page” functionality are captured and redirected into the forum’s search function.

I consider “search in page” functionality an essential feature. Even if I arrive in a thread after a search, I may want to quickly locate the keyword I am looking for in a lengthy thread.

There are very few websites that hijack such basic browser shortcuts, so I believe a lot of power users depend on the ability to search in the contents of the currently loaded page. Now I have to find the feature in the browser menus, which I haven’t had to do since forever.

Not even google.com does this, the sole purpose of which site is searching.

Please consider fixing this.


It’s not possible to remove that from Discourse (the forum software we’re using).

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FWIW it works perfectly on Mac (Firefox).

And thanks, I didn’t know the “/” shortcut, very helpful. That one opens the forum search while CMD+F does the normal search on the page.

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On Windows you can use F3 (find next) and at least on Firefox it will open the search box.

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Same with Chrome on Mac

You can do Ctrl + F twice in any system, the first Ctrl + F opens the forum search, the second closes it and opens the browser search

github does the same (highjacking the ‘/’ key), I absolutely hate it.