JUCE Global Preferences still RED

Trying to get android studio up and running with JUCE so I can send my projects out to android for testing but for some reason the NDK path in global preferences is RED. Now I know this is because JUCE can’t find the expected file on this path or the path is invalid…except it isn’t I’ve checked it a hundred times and have included a screenshot below to show it. I’m probably missing something simple but please help me out if you can? Apologies if this is a topic somewhere, I couldn’t find it when I searched.

Thanks in advance

Which version of JUCE/Projucer are you using?
Based on the look of the “Global Preferences” window I would say JUCE 4, but I can’t tell which version exactly.

Yeah its Juce 4.1, I tried installing the newest version as well and am having the same issue with that.

EDIT Fixed, not sure quite what the issue was but completely removed android studio and all the bundles. Then cleared the global paths and reinstalled and drag and dropped the paths in again and it worked first time. Now onto the next problem, I can’t get android studio to open from within the Juce via the “Save and open in IDE” Button