Juce GUI Issue in VST

Hi all,

I’ve been developing AAX plug-ins and have recently made VST versions. I am encountering some weird graphical glitches. I’m attaching screenshots below of the AAX plug-ins (which look fine) and the VSTs (which don’t).

Issues include:
Slider leaving trails, including in the box with numeric values.
Colors don’t show up properly (i.e. Colours::black shows up as black in AAX, but white in VST)
Changing UI objects (i.e. clicking buttons, dragging slider) effects the colour gradient of the background.
Rectangles created in resize distort the background image as you can see in the slider screenshot.

Any thoughts? I’m using OS X 10.12.6, latest Juce, plug-ins are built for =< 10.9. Testing in latest Reaper and Premiere both have these issues.

It just looks to me like you’ve got a component where you’ve called setOpaque (true) but aren’t clearing its background (?)

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Hey Jules, thanks for the reply. I am not calling setOpaque anywhere - the PluginEditor files are pretty rudimentary.

I apply a custom LookAndFeel class, which is the only thing I can think of but it solely replaces the font. Will post code shortly.

Just try filling the background of your editor component with a solid colour… I’ve no idea what all the weird gradient stuff is but it just looks like the DAW’s window showing through.

Sorry for the delay on response - got quite loaded with non GUI work over here. I fixed the issue by eradicating gradients entirely for now, but I will track this down and keep everyone updated, in the very rare event it affects anyone else. Thanks again Jules.