Juce Host ASIO and other applications

When using ASIO in the juce host, other applications are unable to output sound. Why and is there a solution?

Other hosts do not have this problem.

Ex. Run juce demo host, then open internet browser and choose a youtube video with sound. There is no sound.

I have tested this on Windows 7 and 8.

Please help!


What audio card are you using?  It might be that once you open the audio card's driver in ASIO mode, all other devices are blocked.

The built in audio. That is not the problem. Maybe this helps. I am using ASIO4ALL.

Other hosts do not have this problem with the same setup.

Many ASIO drivers only allow a single app to use it.

asio4all probably has a setting that changes the way it behaves in terms of exclusivity.

But don't get confused into thinking this is a juce bug, because it's not - the asio driver is responsible for this behaviour, and it's nothing to do with the host. Your other apps are probably using DirectSound or WASAPI instead of ASIO, and you could also choose to do the same if sharing with other apps is important.

The other apps are using ASIO4ALL. I have checked this.

Is there a setting in ASIO4ALL that juce could send to enable other apps? Maybe that is how they are doing it?

I realize that I could use Direct Sound or another driver. This works, just not ASIO4ALL.


Is there a setting in ASIO4ALL that juce could send to enable other apps?

Nothing that I've ever heard about, and I've been pretty deep into ASIO. The drivers have their own control panels for things like that.

Perhaps its because of the sample rate you're choosing - the driver might only allow multiple apps to share at a particular rate.

I have read that other apps are able to do this. There is also a asiomulti driver that works around it. I hope someone can solve this for the juce code. It's because Windows 7 and 8 disabled this. XP had no problems.

Along this path, how can I have the audio engine default to DirectSound at the first time being run. I tried everything, but could not make it happen. CODE please!

BTW, the new Tracktion website looks nice. I am so tired of the dark, look the same, that many websites are using. 



I can use Juce's asio and other apps at the same time under win 7 x64 ...