JUCE Mentor Needed


I am a high school student in an Innovations class, where I get an entire year to work on a passion project. So, I will be creating a VST instrument using JUCE and some other libraries. For the class, I need a mentor to ask questions to and, in general, keep my ideas and project on point. I would need to meet up with you (over Zoom or Skype) every couple weeks.

You don’t have to be an expert, but if you have made some form of a VST in the past, I would greatly appreciate having you to go to as my primary source with any problems or confusion I am having.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Thank you,

have you learned C++ yet? or are you learning JUCE and C++ simultaneously?

I’m in an online video course for C++, and I’ve gotten through the basics of its file organization, syntax, and structure. I can always look back through the videos if I don’t understand something in C++, and I do like figuring things out on my own, so I shouldn’t have too many questions. I’ll be following YouTube tutorials on JUCE. Don’t worry, I won’t overwhelm you with questions.

I see you’re in The Audio Programmer’s Discord, which is who’s videos I’ll probably be following for most JUCE stuff.

Others are going to harp me on this but the guy knows his stuff with synths.

Check out this textbook. It has a good overview of synthesis theory and design, albeit the C++ is a little less than modern.

I’ve seen so many textbooks being thrown around for audio programming, is it really worth it to buy one?

100% worth getting a text book. If you have a mentor then they will very quickly get annoyed when you keep asking them questions about the issues you will have with your dsp code. I would bet a lot of money that you will run into some problems and using books and other reference sources are a great way to help solve the problem. Solving your own problems is also a great way to learn in my experience. They’re also very interesting as they will introduce you to ideas you wouldn’t necessarily think of otherwise.

How quickly are they outdated?

It depends on which books you get. My experience has been that math / dsp books stay mostly the same, but that coding books may be outdated after a few years.

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Ok, yeah that makes sense.

If anyone’s in the Raleigh area, I’m still looking for a mentor. My teacher will have to contact you every now and then, but if you end up not having a lot of time, that is perfectly fine.