JUCE Module format - case convention

Is there a practical/historical reason for the convention of snake_case module names? I prefer to keep everything to PascalCase for consistency. Would this cause a problem when creating a JUCE module?

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The module format specifies that platform-dependent source files should use a suffix such as _OSX or _Windows, and the Projucer generates module stubs that have names prefixed with include_, but I can’t think of any other places that underscores are required.

The strongest argument I can think of for the snake-case naming is consistency with other modules - if you ever publish your custom modules, your users may appreciate all of the module names looking similar in the Projucer, in include statements etc.

Other than that, I can’t think of any reasons why using a different naming convention would cause problems.

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Thanks. I think I reached a compromise with snake-case module name and top level .h/.cpp files and pascal case everywhere else.