JUCE + NetBeans 7.3? (MinGW)

I’m on Windows and I want to use JUCE in a NetBeans project to create a VST plugin, but I really don’t know how to set it up.
Googling and searching the forum yields no results, so I would be really thankful for any help. =)

Sorry, I’ve never even tried NetBeans.

You could waste days trying to work out how to make NetBeans produce a binary that could be recognised as a VST… Or you could just open the auto-generated Visual Studio project, compile it, and it’ll work perfectly. Not sure why anyone would choose to do it the hard way when VS is free!?

hmm...i develop on OSX and use netbeans in my regular work. i'd too like to use netbeans for JUCE development. netbeans is supposed to be able to work with make files. so mabe the linux/makefile introjucer export would work (almost)?

I'll give it a try later...

I thought Netbeans was only a JAVA IDE..

You can do that i remember doing that once. It's just mingw underneath. Have a look at the Codeblocks exporter and see what ming options it sets for the compiler and replicate that in Netbeans, it will work.


Remember to get the most recent mingw you can, you often find yourself with some obscure prehistoric gcc/g++ versions.

It really doens't take much to hack the Linux makefiles that are created with the Introjucer so they work with MinGW. From there you should be able to set up a NetBeans project handy enough. I've some MinGW makefiles(below) that you can take a look at here: