Juce on i.MX6 platform with Ubuntu

Hi all,

I built the JUCE demo for ARM Linux and ran it on Nitrogen6X board with Ubuntu (more precisely, the build avalable at http://boundarydevices.com/rapping-raring/). The Nitrogen6X features a Freescale i.MX6 CPU with Vivante GPU, and I'm using it with a 10" touchscreen.

The demo mostly works fine, however I noticed a couple of things:

1. There seem to be problems with hardware video acceleration: when I press the OpenGL icon in the demo, the application hangs, and if I press the OpenGL 2D icon the application crashes altogether

2. As soon as I press any button in the application with the touchscreen, I'm unable to use the touchscreen to press anything outside the JUCE demo window, e.g. I can't switch between open windows by pressing their icons in the task bar: I have to use a USB mouse for that; but the touchscreen continues to work correctly inside the JUCE application window

Has anyone experienced similar problems?


We regularly test JUCE on both x86 Ubuntu (with OpenGL and a touchscreen) and on debian on the ARM raspberry pi (OpenGL but no touchscreen). On out systems, OpenGL and touch screen work OK, so we would need more specific information from you such as crash logs etc. You can pm the crash logs to me and I'll have a look.