Juce on Raspberry with TFT display on SPI

Just hought i'd share JUCE running on raspberry with a 2.2 inch TFT display using SPI and a fbdev driver designed for those displays. This is a start of a monitoring solution for my fathers house, it has no electricity and is using solar panels + a Morningstart TriStart solar converter. This will read data from it using MODBUS and also monitor environmental data + power consumption data, all this will be logged and displayed on this tiny screen, power usgae is important.

Anyway it works and might be useful for someone.

Awesome! smiley

Could you provide the custom ComponentPeer used for fbdev access? It is interesting for using JUCE in Linux projects without X11 servers...


This is X11 running on fbdev, there is no magic here i'm afraid.

So there are anyone who had implemented a custom ComponentPeer for direct fbdev access? I remember an old DJ gadget called Pacemaker, running over an i.MX31 (ARM11 processor) and using JUCE for coding the application, and the directFB library for JUCE graphics. I think the developer is (or al least, he was) in this forum.

If he or anyone else could contribute with his implementation...