Juce on Windows CE



Has anyone got any experience building JUCE applications on Windows CE?

I am looking at design options for an upcoming UI design task and am wondering how much complexity I might be stumbling into if I were to try and go this route.

Thanks in anticipation



Not on my roadmap… Surely wince is a dying platform now?


Hi Jules

From what I understand it is still alive; new release planned for 2011 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_CE#Versions. However I do not know how big the market is these days and where it is going.

The application I am looking at is a mobile data terminal using one of these puppies (http://www.qsicorp.com/product/vehicle/treq-m4.php). The UI is relatively straightforward, however it would be nice to use JUCE to build the system for convenience and simplicity.

The only variable there is how much of the Win32 API that JUCE expects is implemented. Once I have the dev tools up and going I will take a stab at porting across and see what the issues are.



TBH I have no idea how similar or different wince is to normal windows, I’ve never looked at the APIs…