JUCE plugin compiles to blank VST using XCode

I’m using XCode to compile a simple gain slider plugin. The build always succeeds, but the VST3 and .components compile to blank folders like this:

I have no idea why. I haven’t downloaded any VST SDK’s or anything, so that might be the problem.

P.S. I’m following this tutorial: Make Your First VST Plugin with JUCE! - Simple Gain Slider Tutorial - YouTube

Hi, it’s been a while but this is still an issue. Should I reinstall?

It looks like nothing is being compiled into a binary.

As you can see, the GainSlider standalone app has a size of 0 bytes. The VST folders are being created, but no binaries are being linked from them apparently.

I don’t know why that would be. Out of disk space? Permissions issue?

There is a libGainSlider.a, which is the shared Library. This has some size.

I’m guessing, perhaps, but maybe you are not building the target for the whole project, but only the shared library target?

I have an old version of xcode, but at the upper left you can select the target, and you should have “All” selected.

I see, thank you! I did manage to figure it out myself with some more sleuthing. but I hope this topic serves as a reference for anyone who is having the same problem!