JUCE running on Nintendo Switch...?

That’s indeed some fantasies, but are there any chances JUCE would someday run on Nintendo Switch?
It’s ARM Cortex-A53 seems like a pretty trivial chip to run most of JUCE library on it. There’s also obviously a MIDI API and probably a built-in synthesizer (however, it’s most likely KORG switch app is using it’s own synth) in it.
Turning a Nintendo Switch into the music station able doing various crazy processing stuff is something to dream of.

It’s certainly something we’ve wondered and are itching to try out. We have a Switch here at the office but getting on the Nintendo developer SDK program isn’t easy

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Feels nice knowing you’re investigating that opportunity. Obtaining full Nintendo SDK is a pain for sure, I do really hope to hear some good news someday.

It’s not too difficult to get in. And just a heads-up that, unlike XboxOne/UWP, Nintendo (and Playstation) consoles require special dev and test kits.