JUCE Typos


Hey Jules,

While reading through the code, I’ve come across and noted some small errors in the library’s comments. Here they are, with possible corrections. (just trying to help, don’t hate me!)


        it can be used when you're sure the index if always going to be legal.
    inline ObjectClass* getUnchecked (const int index) const noexcept

Probably meant: “it can be used when you’re sure the index is always going to be legal.”


    /** Starts the thread running.

        This will start the thread's run() method.
        (if it's already started, startThread() won't do anything).

        @see stopThread
    void startThread();

Although amusing to read, is it possible you meant: “Starts running the thread.”?


    /** Deletes the connection with the specified index.

        Returns true if a connection was actually deleted.
    void removeConnection (int index);

It doesn’t return anything…


        The pointer that you pass is may be null.
    ScopedPointer& operator= (ObjectType* const newObjectToTakePossessionOf)

I think you meant: “The pointer that you pass may be null.”


Thanks for the proof-reading!

Although I’m a bit mystified by what the problem is with “start the thread running”…? Maybe it’s an English idiom, but to my ears that’s a perfectly good sentence! You’d say “start the ball rolling”, right? “Stop the thread running” would be fine? I don’t see anything wrong with saying “start the [noun] [verb]ing”…


Not around these here parts!

That could be something absent from Canadian English as well (to the irony of living in a city called Cornwall)… can’t say I’ve ever heard such a word order in an English language sentence before. Oh well!