Juce URL without scheme not returning expected values


I’ve just noticed that there’s an unexpected behavior with the URL class which does not match the documentation, which causes that for the following input:

Juce will return the following values for these methods:

getPort() -> 0 (expected 80)
getScheme() -> “” (expected: “”)

All seems to work fine when a scheme is provided, however in both cases isWellFormed() returns true.


Could anyone let me know if this is a bug or is it the expected behavior?

This should be fixed on the latest develop branch.

Thank you Fabian,

Do you expect to make a release anytime soon including this change?

You can already use it on the develop branch or simply cherry-pick the commit yourself. Every now and then - when we deem JUCE to be stable enough - we will fast-forward master to match the develop branch.