Why Steve Duda said this “Personally I’m content with just VSTSDK and VSTGUI however, and it is fairly lightweight and I can do things extremely fast”? lightweight?


I myself read

I’d recommend to look at JUCE, if I were starting over I would probably go the JUCE route

and regarding VSTGUI

probably most important for me it is familiar and comfortable.

so Steve don’t want to bother starting from scratch now that he can do what he want with VSTGUI.
Well, good for him, I don’t see the problem here.
Some people do their VST in C rather than C++ and they could probably say it is lighter :slight_smile:

Please note the post was 7 years ago moreover !!!

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As someone who spent many years with VST3 and VSTGUI, I much prefer using JUCE. It’s not that the GUI elements are significantly easier to use or anything, it’s that I only code once for AAX, VST3 and AudioUnits, Mac and PC. It’s made my life way easier!

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