Juce VST and libsndfile


I don’t know if it is the right place to explain my issue, but it has a link with juce, so maybe someone has an idea.
I’m developping a vst using Juce, and my vst uses the libsndfile to open some audio file. My problem is that as soon as I call libsndfile functions (sf_open, sf_format_check, etc.), my VST is not recognized anymore in Ableton Live, but if I remove the calls to these functions, it works without any problem. Is there any known compatibility problem between juce and libsndfile? thanks guys


Are you using libsndfile as a static library or a dynamically linked library?

To me, it sounds like your vst can’t find libsndfile.dll when Ableton Live tries to load it.

Get dependancy walker (http://www.dependencywalker.com/) and load your vst and see if it can’t find any exports.

Just make sure libsndfile.dll is in the same folder as your vst.

yep, I put the dll in the same folder as my vst, but maybe Live search the dll in another folder. The best (or faster) way is certainly to use my library as a static library. Thanks for your help.