I have a problem that I’ve searched through the forums but haven’t yet come across an answer to my problem.

I’ve created a VST plugin using “The Jucer.” I have added sliders, buttons, dial, and text inputs. I also created a new component with “The Jucer,” saving the .h/.cpp and copying the OpenGLDemo into with some changes filing in the new header (seperating the OpenGLDemo some).

I’m testing my VST with Reaper. The plugin displays and OpenGLDemo renders. My problem is that I cannot access my sliders, buttons, dials, etc…

I assumed the problem was that the OpenGLDemo is running on a timer so I changed to a thread.

I get better results…sometimes things work perfectly. Shutdown and run again, and they do not. Sometimes I exit and Reaper visibly disappears but there is still an instance of it running when I view the running processes (windows machine).

Does anyone know what it is I’m doing wrong?

Thank you

I changed the wait interval from the “Random::getSystemRandom().nextInt(50) + 6” that the opengldemo was using to just a 50ms wait and now things seem to be working.

Now, my other components are getting input as well as the opengl component.

I’m hoping this holds up.