Juce-VST with OpenGL component in OpenGL host

Does anyone know what modifications need to be made to the example OpenGL component from the Juce demo to allow it to be added to a Juce-VST plug-in which can be loaded in a VST host which uses OpenGL for its GUI (like Plogue’s Bidule)?

A straight copy of the example results in an assertion failure in getWglExtensions() (juce_win32_Windowing.cpp) marked “If this fails, it may be because you didn’t activate the openGL context”.

I suppose it is something silly, but my understanding of OpenGL is extremely limited. I have tried calling makeCurrentContextActive() before making OpenGL calls, but it didn’t work.


Turns out it was unrelated to Bidule using OpenGL, but happens when you launch the host from the MSVC debugger. Sorry about that…