JUCE window resizes like ass on Ubuntu / X11

The simple “LuaBridge Demo” window, whose content component contains only two TextEditor objects, resizes in a very clunky and slow way. Other X11 Windows in Ubuntu resize fine. Try it out (There’s a Makefile):

I’ve seen this happen here too, it’s very random.
Usually I go for native titlebar, which works just fine.

Yep, that helped a ton. Jules?

Yep, that helped a ton. Jules?[/quote]

Hehe, sorry about that.
From what I’ve seen it doesn’t happen in all the systems. Different Window Managers give different results.
Multiple monitors also influence this.
Sadly my X11 knowledge is pratically 0, so I never got to try to fix this issue.

Which Ubuntu are you using? Remember, Unity has a bunch of weird extensions, which is why the native toolbar generally works better (especially for things like dragging between multiple monitors).

If you mean the weird black screen / garbage while size dragging, on the 11.xx Ubuntus, I’ve generally tracked that behavior back to actual focus. A quick test is:

Switch to native tool bar.
Drag the mouse to the top of the screen and see if you can minimize.

If you can’t, then, repeat the test with two windows open (you and another app), toggle between them before maximizing. Once the component related to the peer has focus, the problem is generally gone, and resize/redraw works much better. Personally, I’ve found focus to be an ongoing oddness in Juce. Not just under Linux. I can almost always force the behavior I want, but it is something I run into in every app.