JUCE/Xcode: Building the actual component file and not just an alias file

I’ve looked for a solution for this but I haven’t found one.

I have this audio plugin ready and working and I want to build the “component” file that you would normally copy to your Audio/Plug-ins/Components folder on a Mac. However when I build the project what I actually get is an “alias” file, which surely works fine in my computer but I can’t send it to anyone.

If I choose to build for release it will create a ProjectName.component ALIAS file, and a libProjectName.a file (which seems to have all of the contents of the plugin).

Is there an easy way to build the ProjectName.component file (that Finder recognises as component kind) that includes everything, like all normal plugins work… or am I missing something?

I’m fairly new to JUCE and Xcode so I’m guessing the solution might something fairly simple… but then again I’ve looked for a while now and found nothing.


Right click the alias, select “Show Original” from the menu, and it should take you to the actual component file.

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hey thank you very much for that! it was indeed creating the component inside the hidden library folder in “users”, no wonder I couldn’t find it… cheers!