JUCE5.4.7: Jump to JUCE website after splach screen has disappeared

As title says, even after splash screen has disappeared, it always jump to JUCE website.
I happened to notice this when I located button at the edge of lower right.

I’m using JUCE5.4.7(and I updated it last week from Github).
I know that older version had never been to JUCE website after splash screen disappeared.
Do you do in conscious? Or is this bug?

EDIT: I said JUCE6 problem. But I forget to use different version of JUCE at my current project! I changed Title and version mentioning sentence.

I made a GUI Application project and I attached OpenGLContext to MainComponent by mistake.
After I attached it to MainWindow at Main.cpp, it works fine!
Sorry for my noise!

Should have titled “Splash Screen does not appear and always jump to JUCE website”…