Juce5: If I as Juce4 owner do not care about Mobile, nor plugin development, should I still pay full price?

I develop a desktop application for WIndows 7/8/10 & OSX. While bugs/limitations remain on how my software functions on the windows desktop platform, regarding features that should be working well on v4 (i.e. windows multitouch), now with v5 I will not have access to these fixes if they are ever made.

And really, I don’t care about making plugins. Nor do I care about android, ios or embedded, where it seems nearly all improvements are in Juce5… So for me, as a developer of desktop software only, JUCE 5 is not a particularly interesting deal, it is just a vague promise that things I feel I already paid for will be fixed, if only I now pay a bit more…

Juce is fully modularized - please, charge me what you think the improvements to desktop only is worth in Juce5, and keep me from using the plugin and mobile modules.

I understand that you spent a lot of effort to improve plugin format support, and mobile platforms. But I don’t want to be paying for it!

I don’t deploy to mobile platforms or Linux either, but think the license fee is still worth it.

Healthcare premiums cover maternity care, which is pretty useless for men. Still I’m less inclined to say “I understand women occasionally need to give birth, but I don’t want to pay for it” :wink: You can’t always have it à la carte. Sometimes the calculation needs to hit a middle ground.

Consider how slow development is with many other OSS projects. Juce combines the reach and traffic of a very popular open source project with the ability to use its output commercially.

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But you do do audio plugins then? :slight_smile:

I don’t do that either…

And your analogy is not the most appropriate… every year there’s more or less the same ratio of children born, and men with prostate cancer, as previous years - it is a balanced distribution.

Juce5 is not much of an improvement for desktop at all, to the extent that it is for mobile and plugins. It is mainly just a cutoff for ‘old’ Juce4 licenses, the new features as far as desktop only are concerned, seem to be VS 17 support, and C++ 11/14 more consistently. I can live without that, but I would really like good multitouch interaction and widgets on Windows - much more than a new look and feel that still has the same multitouch issues as the previous one.

Yes, I do mainly audio.

Juce certainly has the most to offer for audio applications. If you’re doing desktop GUI only, that’s only a small part of Juce. Maybe you want to stay with Juce 4 until Juce 5 shows the progress with GUI you need.