JUCEAndroidSynth example incomplete

After scratching my head trying to get some sound out of this demo, I think I found the issue: The setProcessor method is not called to add the AndroidSynthProcessor instance to the AudioProcessorPlayer.

Creating a member variable and adding it got it playing some sound:

player.setProcessor (&androidSynthProcessor);

Unless I missed something obvious?

Do you mean this repo? This was a tutorial for last year’s ADC. The master branch is intentionally left incomplete. Checkout the tutorial/09MaterialDesignLookAndFeel.

I got it from the JUCE examples folder, so would expect it to be complete.

hmmmm not sure where you have that from. It’s not on the git repo. Or am I missing something…

Ah looks like you’re right - its not in the Git repo! Its in my local JUCE/examples folder and I just assumed it was part of the repo. I must have dragged it there at some point, probably from the USB key given out the the JUCE Summit 2015!

Apologies for making a wrong assumption. Feel free to delete this thread!