JUCEApplication + Plugin

There’s something I’m not sure I understand - there’s a bunch of useful methods I’d like to overload from JUCEApplication, however, when I build a plugin or standalone this class is part of the generated code from the projucer. How can I have my own JUCEApplication derived class and not have it overwritten and have it fit within the structure of a plugin and standalone project?

Example method I’d love to customize is unhandledException, but there’s a few.


Plugins (VST etc) can’t use that (since they don’t have or use the JuceApplication), so what point there would be to customize that just for the standalone application build of the plugin? If you threw an unhandled exception in the code, a plugin build would just crash the plugin and the host.

Well I was hoping it would be a handy place to catch any exceptions, log, etc. but I guess that’s not possible then for the plugin?

Right, there is no way to do centralized exception handling for plugins in Juce at the moment. (As far as I know.)