JUCECompilerEngine.dll missing?

Hi. It seems my mind trapped me into believing I could use live building in Windows, so I went and subscribed for a license, but it seems Windows Live Building feature is not ready?

Please, tell me I not that smart to spend money on an unavailable feature!

We are currently testing the windows live engine internally. Shouldn’t be long!

Hi Fabian ,

Is there any word on the same for Linux after this ?


That’s good to know! Mind if I ask ´almost ready´?

Linux is still in development.

Sorry, I can’t be any more specific.

No problem, thanks, Fabian.

Any news on that, Fabian?

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Hi acabreira, if you didn’t do so yet, please check out the Windows alpha in the JUCE 4.2.4 release https://www.juce.com/get-juce

Thanks, Stefan!