JuceDemo build error with XCode 3.2.6

Hi Jules,

I just got the juce tip but the JuceDemo won’t compile with the following error message:

When I uncheck the compile checkbox for this file it works, maybe this is not supported in the 10.6 SDK.

XCode 3.2.6 / OS X 10.6


xib files were introduced way back in 10.5 or earlier. Are you just missing the file altogether?

The file is there (I did a fresh git clone) and after adding it via drag and drop to the XCode project I got the error twice. I’m back on Windows now but I’ll have another look later.


This is the same xib issue discussed here


It would be solved by using a nib file instead of the xib.

btw, ckk: even though there’s a build error the app should still work, weird I know…

Ok, try the latest version. I’ve swapped it for a .nib file.

No errors anymore! thx