JuceDemoBrowserPlugin does not work in multiple tabs in IE7


When i run the JuceDemoBrowserPlugin in IE7 the following is the behaviour i see:

  1. Open the example html and the juce axtive x control comes up in the first tab oi ie7
  2. i open a new tab and open the example html and a second instance of the activex control shows up
  3. then i close the first tab. the second tab gets focus and the window disappears. the juce browser plugin is not rendered in the second tab anymore and i cannot recover from this
  4. this only happens when the first tab is closed. when the 2nd or 3rd or 4th tabs are closed everything is fine. the next active tab gtes focus and it renders fine

what is so important about the fist tab. ie 7 creates separate threads for the different tabs. added to this iam not sure if the message manager instance being created on the first tab or when the first time initialisejucegui is called is being created on the first thread and iam not sure if the thread associated with the message manager needs to change
is this a known bug. any help would be appreciated


Sounds like a bug I fixed some time ago. Did you try the tip?


hi jules,
not sure what tip are you referring to. can you please point me to the tip. thanks




hi jules,
thanks for clarifying. i tried using the tip (the latest code - i got it using GIT) and i still can reproduce the same problem. as soon as the first tab is closed the second tabs window disappers. iam using IE7 on windows xp. previously i had tried with juce 1.5. should i be raising any bug. please advise


Ok, thanks, I’ll take a look at that asap!


hi jules,
did you have a chance to look at the underlying issue. in the mean time i tried to run the message manager on its own thread and it seems to be stable for now. the essence of the workaround is

  1. set the message thread on the message manager to be a separate thread
  2. run the message manager event loop on this thread

anyways appreciate your thoughts on this


Sorry, I hadn’t looked at it yet, but that workaround sounds a bit strange… Why did you try doing that?