JuceDemoPlugin unable to save presets in Digital Performer

Hi all,

I have a customer reporting a few issues with my new plugin, ValhallaShimmer, running in Digital Performer. I sent him the JuceDemoPlugin compiled from yesterday’s tip, and he reports the same errors. The main issue is that he is unable to save user presets, using the default Audio Unit preset mechanism (i.e. provided by the host). My customer has been making changes to the parameters, goes to save a user preset, and…nothing gets saved.

Any ideas what is going on here? I don’t have Digital Performer, so I can’t reproduce the errors here.

The customer is using DP 7.2.1 and OS 10.6.3 on an intel mac pro (circa 2008) w/16 gigs of ram.


Sean Costello

OK, it turns out that the customer can’t save presets of a GUI-less Audio Unit in Digital Performer. The one I sent him was compiled directly from the latest Core Audio SDK. No Juce code in the plugin at all.

So, it doesn’t look like this is a Juce bug. It does look like something is seriously FUBAR with Digital Performer, though. Anyone else seen this behavior?

Sean Costello