jucePILS gui for diabetes day-planning hit the Danish TVnews

After a month of 8-days-a-week work, my jucePILS gui for our experimental diabetes planning app reached the Danish TV news:


For those of you that don’t understand Danish, the jucePILS gui shows estimates of how the intake of various food items, insuline doses and physical exercise will effect the blood glucose level of a diabetes patient, using a dynamically updated gradient-coloured graph.

The app is part of the Maxi project,
(sorry, this is in Danish too, no english translation seems to be available.) The aim of the project is to use IT to make life easier for people with diabetes and other cronical diseases.

Originally, the GUI was to be done in Java/Swing but, to my luck, our Java team failed to produce anything usable, so I gave it a try with jucePILS and, as it turned out, the combination of my rule-based interpreted PILS language and the juce framework simply beat the dung out of Swing as a GUI creation tool.

The glucose metabolic model was developed by a colleague of mine at http://www.teknologisk.dk, using some expensively-licensed tools that generated some poorly structured C code; the GUI is written in Danish-localized PILS but I’d be able to produce an english-language version without too much effort if the need arises - PILS has features that assist in automatic program translation.

The app will be published as open source but it’s still very experimental and a bit of tidying up still needs to be done.

Awesome - nice to think that my code is actually contributing in some small way to the public good!