JucePlugin_TailLengthSeconds not defined

Hi guys. I’m using the tip to create an audio plugin with the IntroJucer. I run into an error that says JucePlugin_TailLengthSeconds is not defined. This is using the IntoJucer as-is with no edits to the code. I have checked the ‘silence in produces silence out’ option in the IntroJucer.

Where should I define JucePlugin_TailLengthSeconds?


I removed that from the code. It’s no longer mentioned or checked anywhere, so if you’re getting an error, you must be using old code!

I was indeed using old code. The tip build of the intojucer was still picking up the juce folder as being in a different location, where the old juce modules were stored. Didn’t realise it remembered the path from an old build of the introjucer.