Jucer Class settings

Maybe its just me on this or I’m missing something. It’s to do with editing class files created by the Jucer. The way it is now means you have to go into the Jucer to add or edit the class settings, which is a bit slower than just doing it in the IDE editor. Also you could forget to save in the IDE first, then save in the Jucer and lose work by overwritting the file.

It seems a bit dodgy and the alternative of closing/opening files, making changes, resaving is a bit slow. (or I’m just impatient!)

So I was thinking if it would be possible to add tags like for the headers and user code sections for these parts as well.

Something like :


It looks a bit ugly I guess but its quicker than the other way no?

I see your point, but I’m not going to start changing the old jucer around when I’m working on the new one at the moment… You may actually already be able to do that by editing the template file, anyway?

Ah right, thats actually pretty cool. I’ll have a go at changing it now thanks.