Jucer Documentation

I wonder if you got anyway in the Jucer docs or code comments you were intending to write Jules? I’m making an app that controls windowing on video (think Picture in Picture positioning), and it’s a lot like Jucer so I’m shamelessly hacking parts out.

Problem is, every module/class I ‘borrow’ seems to require one more, and my intent was to learn about what Jucer is doing by moving it piecemeal like that. But I’m lost. Even a one liner about what each class does within the whole structure would be a boon - put me back on course.

I am very excited by what I’ll end up with, but I can’t tell what to relate the Jucer classes to in m y own app - case in point (and probably the point the mystery machine really veered off onto the dirt road) is the PaintRoutine class. I eventually designated my replacement as a ‘LayerSet’ but now I’m not sure, I keep finding other classes that could fit this label.

Thanks :oops:


No, sorry, I’ve had loads to do recently and no time for doing any jucer work! Hopefully will add at least some overall class descriptions soon!