Jucer + Doxygen


Hey guys…

I’m using Doxygen to generate docs for my code, some of which was generated using the Jucer.

In my Jucer files I write a brief class description at the top, in the comment block:




    An auto-generated component, created by the Jucer.

    Describe your class and how it works here!



I understand that Jucer is relying on the [Comments] tags so it can keep my comments each time I load/save… but, is there any way to tell Doxygen to ignore the “[Comments]” text? Otherwise, my doxy-generated files end up with descriptions that include “[Comments]”…

Make sense?
Any tips?

Also… does anyone know if there’s a way to get Doxy to at least mention inheritance from Juce, without parsing the entire Juce folder?
If my class inherits from ‘Component’ I’d like the docs to at least visually indicate that (no need to hyperlinke to Component’s definition… though that would be nice).
I’d just generate docs for the whole whack – my stuff and Juce – except I need a way to visually separate my code from the framework.



I suppose you could put the //Comment stuff outside the big comment rather than inside it?


Yah… that’s a good call…
I could do that manually for now in my files, and then edit the Jucer template file Jucer uses for future files.

I was just hoping that there was an easy way to get Doxy to skip “[Comments]” in one of the 40,000 options… but this will work.