*jucer feature requests

Feature requests:

  • On focus detect if the .jucer file has been modified, if so auto-reload. 
  • Autosave the IDE in the same way as Xcode does ... ?
  • Add a toolbar, add a 'SAVE ALL' button that saves the projects and everything in the IDE.


Thank you for this!

Could you clarify what you mean by Autosave the IDE?

As I type, or maybe when I lose focus in Xcode the .cpp file or whatever is just saved.  I don't have to go around hitting save. 

Sometimes when I'm working with the jucer and multiple other tools or IDEs I end up with not hitting save in the JUCER and having two versions of a file open in two different editors. 

But if you introduce automatic save make sure, it does not oversafe anything changed in another IDE (such as Visual Studio).