Jucer hangs when template file is empty

When the template file (header *.h) is empty, jucer hangs.

I’m using jucer to build custom gui’s for vst plugins and i made the template files so that i only get the XML portion witch is what i need, i wanted to leave the H file empty, but there has to be something there.

it’s propably a bad thing just for me, but i don’t need to write my own editor since jucer has all the stuff i need and much much more.

Didn’t seem to hang when I tried it - where did it get stuck for you?

when the H file is empty and i try to save the class, it hangs. if i type something into the H file it saves fine.

When I tried it, it hit an assertion - is that what’s happening?

nope the assertion is ok but

in fixNewLines

    while (lines [lines.size() - 1].trim().isEmpty())
        lines.remove (lines.size() - 1);

loops forever

doh! Ok, easy fix:

while (lines.size() > 0 && lines [lines.size() - 1].trim().isEmpty()) lines.remove (lines.size() - 1);