JUCER management

I was looking into adding binary resources to my project and i see i need to regenerate the project from the jucer, when this is done i get just plugin editor/processor plus the resource files in visual studio. All of the other files that I’ve created are not in the solution and now i need to re-add them in and make sure everything is working again.

Is this really the correct way to work? Or do I need to add files to BOTH my solution AND in the projucer each time? Example I create a new .cpp or .h, I’m used to just going though VS for this process

Guess I’m just not sure how to structure this so it isn’t a headache each time. Advice appreciated thanks!

For adding new source files into your project, it is advisable to do it via the Projucer. (Because if you need to change something in the .jucer file and regenerate the Visual Studio solution/projects, Projucer of course doesn’t know about the files you added in Visual Studio…)


Always add files via Projucer.
Also, update and add settings as much as possible via Projucer.

You need to do this via the Projucer – how else should it be possible to generate an Xcode or e.g. Android project containing the same source files later by the projucer if you bypassed it in the first place?