Jucer Restrictions


Hello Jules,

thank you again for your previous answers.

I am now a little bit confused about the usage of the Jucer. As you remember I wanted to call a function once up in a while. U recommanded me to use the timer class, which is working quite well.

Can you tell me a good strategy to use timer. Upp to now I have an external class, which has tiemr functionality. I generate an object of this within the class produced by the jucer. But now I am not able to access the attrrbutes (e.g. texteditor) of the jucer-class within the tiemr callback fucntion.

My second approach was to inheret the jucer-class from timer. Which woulf give me the functionality I need. But now I have a problem to use the jucer again … cause my manually code (inheritance) will be deleted if I save the file.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards,and thank you again.


In the jucer’s class settings page there’s an option to add your own base classes


ah, ja,

thank u!!