Jules is on holiday


Hi guys,

Don’t expect Jules to answer your post for some times, as he’s in holiday. Don’t worry, it’s probably time for you to dig into Juce code internal, to figure out the error & solution you’re experiencing, and post your patches (so it’ll be faster for Jules to commit then when he’s back).



I was beginning to wonder if he ever slept! Enjoy your holiday!!!


hope he gets some action on his time off, have phun.


It’s a well deserved break.


yeah he needs a break and all, but… what about if he gets back and he wants to do something else? like… be a chef? or an actor? what’ll we do?


Thanks chaps! My plan was to check the forum while I was away, but our ski chalet didn’t have wi-fi… Ok, I’d better start ploughing through a week’s worth of forum chatter now…