Just released our new plug-in :-)


I don't know if you're allowed to shamelessly display your newly released commercial app, such as ReValver 4 ( https://revalver.peavey.com/ ) and if this is not the place for it, then I beg your pardon.


It wouldn't have been possible without Juce! Thanks Jules.


[Edited the URL]

Maybe you meant http://peavey.com/products/revalver/

Congrats, and best of luck with it! smiley

Ah, of course. It would seem the forum reformatted my URL. Thank you.

Oh ! what a wonderfull GUI. Great work. Revalver is a very good product !

Happy to see that JUCE is the root of a lot of Guitar-Oriented plugin's :)

Thank you maxprod!

Juce is way better than our previous platform interface. There really is no need to mention what that was since there is no alternative which is comparable, today.

Also, I seem to get a 404 when clicking on the link, but not if you reload the page.