Hi Folks,

Just being trying to rebuild the noatikl AU under Mac OS 10.5.2 and XCode 3.1 with the latest Juce SVN tip, and had a problem that the following value wasn’t defined when referenced from two references in AUDispatch.cpp …!!!


I changed the two references to be something like this:
case 0x0012:
//case kAudioUnitRemovePropertyListenerWithUserDataSelect:

Anybody got any better “solution”? I happen to be building for 10.4 SDK (building with that target so my code can run on there or later), but the symbol is actually defined in here (and not getting picked-up!):

Have fun folks!


I’ve seen the same thing, but I’m a bit reluctant to just patch Apple’s code, in case there are other nasties that will break things later. Probably better to either get an old version of their AU support files, or just build for 10.5…

Fun this isn’t it. :slight_smile:



You have to build against the 10.5 SDK but link against the 10.4 using the deployment target setting


Aha - brilliant - thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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