Ketonal - file uploader


Well it’s a small utility that can upload files anywhere CURL can (http, ftp, scp, sftp, telnet, file, dict) + ssl. It can also post any kind of HTTP from data with the file if needed.

It has a progress (a round one, but that’s just me beeing an idiot). Each upload is a thread. Also curl is wrapped in the project so you don’t need to search for DLLs and stuff, unless you want to support more protocols then default curl, then you need to link the app with that version on curl.

It has proxy support (just like curl).

A nice thing it has is the ability to store thumbnail images in XML files, i made a simple class that returns a base64 encoded xml element from any file/memory block, that you can add to any XML document, kinda handy.

the upload class is also seperate (FileUpload and FileUploadListener that implements a progress callback)

it’s not complete and never will be it was for me to learn something, i hope i did.


It looks like it doesn’t work correctly as it’s a double post!

Just kidding…


sorry fot that :slight_smile: