Keyboard component drawing not what I would expect

Hi, if you change the scroll bar width then this doesn’t appear to be taken into account when drawing the keyboard, e.g., here the C1 key is obscured by the scroll bar.



What are you expecting to happen? The scroll bars are drawn over the keys and can overlap them - this happens with the default width too.

ah, ok - i thought C1 would be drawn after the scroll bar, not underneath it - with the default with you can still use C1, but once the scroll bar gets to a certain with, that key is no longer usable and as scrolling always aligns on the C, you end up adjusting so the you use the C2 area upwards.

It’s not a big deal I suppose, it’s just strange that keys would be drawn underneath the scroll bar when they could just be drawn after it and not covered.

This is how it’s designed… When it gets to the end, the button disappears so you can always reach the bottom note.

If it moved everything to the right so that it didn’t overlap the scroll button, then what would happen when you scroll to the bottom? There’d either be a gap instead of the scroll button, or everything would suddenly jump leftwards.

personally, i thing it would be cleaner to always have the bottom note in view, and always have the scroll bar in view and disable it at either end (so no jumping), but that’s just personal preference. On a tablet you want a nice big scroll bar but it’s weird to not have that not there, for me anyway as I focus on the C. Anyway, understand that’s how it works so I can just roll my own.


Right, but think about it - there’ll always be something hidden under the scroll button, until you reach the bottom end, at which point it disappears anyway. If you particularly want this C1 to not be hidden, just move everything over a bit so that it’s not at the far left side of the component.