KeyBoard Focus is not on the Application

Hi ,
I have an Application running on MAC OSX 10.6 (Juce Version : 1.51) . The application has many editable Combo Boxes . I Can keep the Mouse focus on the Application but whatever i type (in the Combo boxes, dialog boxes) is getting redirected to other Windows . I am new to Juce library . Can anybody help me in resolving this Issue .

Can’t help you unless you’re using the very latest version, I’m afraid…

Hi ,
Now i tried with the latest Juce Version 1.53 and Facing the Same Behaviour …
I Opened My Application from MAC OS Console and started typing in the Combo Box of my Application , but the Same is getting redirected to the Console .
Can u please help me in debugging this Issue ?

There’s nothing to debug - that’s just how OSX works when you launch an app from the console.

Didn’t you think of trying the same thing with TextEdit or something before assuming it was a problem with juce?

Yes i did … i launched VIM from console and keyboard focus is on VIM when i placed the Cursor on VIM .

VIM? But VIM is a console app… ?? Sorry, I just don’t understand what the point is that you’re trying to make!

Sorry for the Confusion … I am launching MacVim (/usr/bin/MacVim) from the console … it opens in a separate Window … same as Textedit …

I go to Finder and launch my Application by double clicking it and I am facing the Same Issue … I cannot enter Text in any of the Juce combo boxes/Help dialogs etc … The Same Application works fine in Windows … I am Struck here since a couple of days … Please Suggest me what else Can be done ??

I’ve no idea what you might have done, but it’s bound to just be a silly mistake. Go and see how the juce demo handles something similar, and copy that.

Was this solved? I just build my first app for MacOS and I’m having same issue.
My app does not receive keystrokes. Focus remains on previous app.
It must be something silly I did or missed but I can not find what.
Same App is working fine on Windows, Linux and RPi.

I found out that adding juce::Process::setDockIconVisible(true) solved my problem.
Was this a coincident of is this a requirement for MacOS apps?
DemoRunner example works without this.