Keyboard focus on toolbar separators

Minor bug report: spacers on toolbars can have keyboard focus. This has the odd effect that tabbing through the buttons on a toolbar will also stop at the spacers.

No… can’t see that here…

To test it, I just tried some of the menus in the Projucer, and they work as you’d expect. Are you using an old version of the library?

Not the menus, the toolbars.

You can reproduce the issue with the Demo (go to Tabs & Widgets, then to the Toolbars tab). You’ll need to have the look-and-feel draw the toolbar buttons in a different way with keyboard focus to make it visible. But you can tell from the feedback from pressing [enter] and [tab] that the issue is definitely there. Eg. you have to press [tab] 3 times to go from the Save As button to the Copy button.

Sorry, misread your post! Thanks, that’s an easy fix - done now on the develop branch.