Keyboard input to plugin (Logic 8)

Hi there,

First things first: Happy newyear!

Then: I realize there has been a couple of threads about problems with keyboard input to plugins on Mac OS X. I have gone through the threads and not seen any “Fixed, done, works!” posts anywhere for this problem:

AU Lab allows keyboard input to my plugins textfields. Logic 8 does not. I have tried the demo plugin, at it suffers from the same issue. However, I dug out an old demo plugin binary, that was actually able to act on keyboard input correctly. Sadly, I cannot tell which version of Juce it was compiled with, as I only had the binary. I am pretty sure that the binary was compiled on Mac OS 10.5, and I am now on 10.6 (and unable to look back…).

I did a checkout from GIT approx. 8. of november, so I am pretty much up-to-date…

Finally: As this is a forum where people often discuss problems, I would like to remember to say a big whoppin’ thanks to Jules for this marvelous framework. Big up!

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Happy new year!

Probably the old binary was a pre-cocoa build? The carbon code would have used completely different mechanisms, and Logic would have loaded and treated it in a totally different way.

That is extremely likely! I remember getting a new version of Juce when shifting to 10.6 and cocoa was mentioned as a possible source to these problems…

Well, the question is now - has anyone gotten the keyboard inputs to work with the new version…? And naturally, if so - how?


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Yep, keyboard input with logic 8 and the current tip works if you put your labels / texteditors to desktop when trying to enter text. See this post: