Keyboard shortcut implementation


I am designing my standalone app. In the main app window I’ve got some typical functions (buttons) like New Project, Save / Save As Project, Open, and my own features (like Bypass, Setup etc).
I want to add the keyboard shortcuts for this options. For the typical features I could make a standard combinations like CTRL+N, CTRL+S, CTRL+O, and for my own options just a single keys (like ‘B’, ‘S’ etc.).
I was reading about the Application Command Manager, but I cannot understand this subject so I even don’t know how I should start working with this. Could somebody explain it to me, give a tutorial? Is this the best solution of this problem? Maybe I don’t need to use the Application Command Manager, but I can do it on different way - how ?


ApplicationCommandManager is a pain to set up but pretty useful. Probably ProJucer uses it if you need an example…

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You can also look at the KeyMappingsDemo. (From Projucer, go to Open Example->GUI).

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