KeyMappingEditorComponent hide command with no keymapping

Is it possible to set the KeyMappingEditorComponent not to display the registered command without key mapping ?
If so how ?

I didn’t really write it with that kind of flexibility in mind… What are you actually trying to do?

I have some actions that are semantically not linked with a keyboard key (like changing the current visible tab, for one, or synchronizing the tree-view when one tab made a change to a “shared” tree-view).
I’m using the CommandManager because it’s easy to use (any code get the ApplicationCommandManager and invoke a command).

Currently, the KMEC show these commands, and can assign keys to them, and I’d like to hide them in the list.
I don’t know if I don’t feed the getAllCommands() with these commands, if I can still call them.

Ok, just seen the “hiddenFromKeyEditor” flag. Whoosh, you’ve thought of everything already!